Covid Update

Correct as of 12/07/2020

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for supporting us and for just being awesome! 

Jess and Team xX

Booking and Arriving

- Currently only manual booking available until we are up to date/in a routine

- Appointments Only

- Please wear a face covering - these are available for 50p each if you do not have one.

- Temperatures will be checked upon arrival for clients and staff

- Please use the sanitiser available on entry

- Please arrive just a few minutes before your appointment time.
- Entry through the front door (unless disabled access required)

- Exit through the side door 

- We are asking you to to attend alone

- If you are bringing children in please bring one at a time

- Product Collection to be arranged beforehand or postage can be arranged


Whilst you are Here

- Hand Sanitiser will be available on entry, before use of the bathroom and for when you leave the premises

- Bring as little as possible with you as we cannot store it. If you bring a coat please bring a bag to store it in

- No magazines or reading material will be available so feel free to bring a mag, book, kindle etc. We still have our wifi for internet access

- Dry Services will not be available for anyone the foreseeable

- We don't currently know the situation on offering drinks as of yet, so please feel free to bring your own, however 


Hygiene Measures

- Members of the team have taken part in online training to be thorough and knowledgeable at this time

- Face coverings will be required by customers

- Staff will be wearing visors/face coverings, gloves where necessary and personal protective equipment.

- Personal Protective Equipment will be disposable or cleaned in between each client

-  Staff will be sanitising and washing hands throughout and in between customers

- Staff will be cleaning down equipment, furniture, door handles/handrail, bathroom and all surfaces that could/will be in contact

- Individual Hand Towels will be provided for drying hands with a basket to put them in afterwards

- Disinfectant wipes to clean down after bathroom use for anything that has been touched


Before your Appointment

- A patch test is required 48 hours before any colouring/tinting appointment

- A consultation will be done verbally via message/phone or video facetime if required to shorten face to face talk time (mainly hair colouring)

- Please let us know in advance if you or your household are feeling unwell

- Please be aware that we will be requesting and keeping data for GDPR track and trace

- If you for any reason have a high temperature upon entry we will unfortunately need to rearrange your appointment

- Appointments will be rearranged for you 2 weeks after your original appointment at yours and our convenience



- Payments by Card - We had already started this on our new system and we can also store card details (safely and securely) so you don't even need to get your card out providing it still the same, please bring it along with you.

- The middle chair in the hair salon has been moved to the makeup room where colour applications will be carried out to limit contact.

- Beauty Rooms have coverings that can be cleaned down between every client, along with our couch roll.

- Soft furnishings have been removed.

- The bathroom has been re plumbed and decorated for more space.

- We will be using disposable items where needed but where we can, we will be boil washing to try and do our bit for the environment.


Monday - 1.30pm - 5.30pm

Tuesday - 9- 7.30pm

Wednesday - 9 - 5.30pm

Thursday - 9-7.30pm

Friday - 9-5.30pm

Saturday - 9-5.00pm

Sunday - Closed

contact us for flexi hours 


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