Braid and Blush Studios

Braid and Blush Studios offers hair, beauty, makeup and holistic treatments, spa days and is the home hub for all Braid and Blush Wedding Prep.

 The vibe is chilled, relaxed and aimed to make all who enters feel pretty awesome no matter what their visit is for. 

"Treating yourself should be a necessity.
It's good for the heart, mind and soul"

 It's  not just how you look that is important, it's how you feel.
When you choose The Studio you are choosing YOU.
Life can be incredibly busy and often overwhelming, and why should anyone settle for anything less than they deserve.
Having your roots touched up, your nails manicured, knots massaged out of your back are all a form of self care.
At the end of the day everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and we do our best to help with that. 

We offer a large range of treatments at The Studio. 
Time is something people always want more of, so with all of our choices of treatments at The Studio you can not only have ease of booking things in but truly enjoy the experience and gain that 'me time'.