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When booking your hair and makeup it is an HUGE task for a lot of people. This could be down to a variation of things, all completely normal.

Uncertainty - Not sure on looks and styles?
Loyalty - Already have an existing beautician or hairdresser
(even when they don't specialise in bridal and most likely wouldn't be offended)
Cost - Why on earth is it triple £££ when a night out hair/makeup look is just as good?

 Commitment - Finalising that booking when you hear horror stories of people getting let down.


At Braid and Blush we like transparency, honesty, to talk about realistic expectations from us and you as the bride and bridal party. We don't like to water it down or fake our abilities in anyway. 


With the age of 'instaglam' and social media - all of which have there place and are also beautiful, it has made us feel less of ourselves. Uncertain and uncomfortable in our own skin. 

Braid and Blush and the team within it, work with you to achieve the result you are after.  Safe in the knowledge that your hair type may not be able to create the volume you're after, or that one artist may be a lot more experienced in the makeup look you are trying to achieve.


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